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Middle Grade Reads?

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):

I'm putting forth this question to you, my dear bookish friends, because I'm burnt out and can't come up with any ideas.


I have a friend who is looking for books her 12 year old son might like. He's read the Fablehaven series and liked it. He's also read the Jack Blank series and loved them.


Anyone know of anything else he might like? She wasn't able to tell me anything beyond those two series, both of which are fantasy based, but I'm willing to take any ideas!


Books for a 12 year old boy?


Thanks for your mental energy and suggestions!


Hi Hopelessly devoted,

 I am pleased to suggest your friend to check  out my book Tetong  in The Land of the Unknown by Ludvimin Reyna. It is available at amazon in paper book or e- book. A fantasy magical story  drawn from the Filipino cultures, myth and traditions.  I am sure he can learn about the Filipino life and most of all, Tetong will entertain him on his magical journey to find a talisman to heal his ailing father.


Thank you for asking,

Ludvimin Reyna

Source: http://ludvimin.booklikes.com