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The Deepest Cut

The Deepest Cut - J.A. Templeton

The deepest cut (A MacKinnon Curse Novel Book1)

Riley is a Portland native who blamed herself at the death of her mother on a motor vehicle accident on their way home from school. Since then Riley cut herself to release her guilt and depression. She’s also terrified because she can see and communicate with the dead people. With that reason Riley, was committed to enter a psychiatry hospital. After her release, his father moved them to Ireland. When they moved to their house close to a castle, she met Ian who died of food poisoning a couple of centuries ago. Even though readers might wonder why these two had fallen in love, the narrative reliance of seeing more often means there is real tension between Riley and Lara the servant who was killed after the death of Ian.

It’s a good read and inspiring to some who struggles to free the guilt that they have been carrying on their shoulders around but rather focus on the gift they have. 


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Well come back! Have a happy New year. Please consider reviewing my book Tetong in the Land of the Unknown. 

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The Deepest Cut - J.A. Templeton

Reading update. I'm almost 60 % done. 

I enjoy reading this book! 

Middle Grade Reads?

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):

I'm putting forth this question to you, my dear bookish friends, because I'm burnt out and can't come up with any ideas.


I have a friend who is looking for books her 12 year old son might like. He's read the Fablehaven series and liked it. He's also read the Jack Blank series and loved them.


Anyone know of anything else he might like? She wasn't able to tell me anything beyond those two series, both of which are fantasy based, but I'm willing to take any ideas!


Books for a 12 year old boy?


Thanks for your mental energy and suggestions!


Hi Hopelessly devoted,

 I am pleased to suggest your friend to check  out my book Tetong  in The Land of the Unknown by Ludvimin Reyna. It is available at amazon in paper book or e- book. A fantasy magical story  drawn from the Filipino cultures, myth and traditions.  I am sure he can learn about the Filipino life and most of all, Tetong will entertain him on his magical journey to find a talisman to heal his ailing father.


Thank you for asking,

Ludvimin Reyna

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"“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
― Albert Einstein
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Ride the Rainbow Home  - Susan Aylworth

Ride the Rainbow Home by  Aylworth, Susan 


Meg grabbed her diploma from Rainbow Rock and hit the road for UCLA, swearing never to return. She does not believe in family and friendship. Returning to Rainbow Rock after several years  in the bay area, she meets his childhood  friends.  Meg never learned his friend’s identity and intentions to her, but she enjoyed his company, going in to different places and learned more about the culture of the Navajo Indians and spends time with his male friend who has a close bond relationship with his family.

 Meg quickly learned what she had missed since the days leaving her hometown because she thinks the five years she’d spent there was the worst of her life.

I actually enjoyed reading this book.

""If the book is well written, I always find it too short."
- Jane Austin-"

Ludvimin Reyna

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""If the book is well written,I always find it too short."
- Jane Austin"
By Mongol
Tetong and the Land of the Unknown was an imaginative, fun, and insightful journey for this reader. I especially enjoyed Tetong's interactions with the wise, talking animals and the surprising humans he encounters. It is full of real drama, warmth, and humor. This novel avoids stereotypes. Appropriate for all ages. If you enjoy sly humor and well-done magical realism, this is the book for you.

Tetong in the Land of the Unknown

Always have confidence and grow with each experienced whether good or bad,don't be held back by fear or rejection or failure. Strive for your goals, believing in your self is the key to success in life.

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Reyna, Ludvimin

Illus. by Zapata, Olivia

CreateSpace (260 pp.)

$9.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book

ISBN: 978-1479205691; December 20, 2012




In this lush, kaleidoscopic children’s fantasy, a plucky Filipino lad embarks on a magical mystery tour in search of a talisman that can save his father’s life.

Twelve-year-old Tetong rolls his eyes at the superstitious beliefs held by people in his Filipino village, but that skepticism is soon demolished by the mind-blowing adventures he experiences in this frenetic yarn. When his father contracts a mysterious ailment that baffles local healers, Tetong sets off in search of a cure and has encounters with strange and supernatural beings. He makes friends with an irascible witch and a creek monster (whom he returns to human form), rescues an injured eagle, liberates roosters from cruel bondage and frees horses from impending slaughter.

His good-heartedness wins him valuable allies, an invisibility hat, a magic green orb and the power to fly, but it also incurs the wrath of a sorcerer known as the Man In Black, whom Tetong will have to fight in order to find a magic bird and lift the curse on the Land of the Unknown. Reyna tells Tetong’s story in the classic style of a fairy tale: Wondrous

happenings proceed matter-of-factly; developments unfold by arbitrary incantatory rules; animals talk; and a deep moral reciprocity shapes a world in which favors are always repaid. Her prose is straight forward and brisk, her lavish imagery

at times almost psychedelic (“[S]mall drops of purple light changed to orange and huge rolling eyeballs seemed to stare at him”) and her characters piquant. Along the way, she includes descriptive passages about Filipino village life, illustrated with engaging sketches. The narrative teems with so much action and spectacle that it sometimes loses the main story thread amid the whirl, but young readers will find plenty of diverting romps to hold their attention.


A busy, imaginative, beguiling fairy tale.





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Tetong in the Land of the Unknown

Reblogged from Ludvimin:

Fictional protagonists rarely possess such perfection.

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About Ludvimin Reyna

I wrote this story when my second son, at the age of nineteen joined the Marines. Feeling lonely, depressed and scared and not knowing what my son’s destiny would be, I wrote “Tetong in the Land of the Unknown”. Instead of feeling hopeless and fear for my son, I was motivated to write this fast paced magical fiction story drawn from the myths, culture and traditions of the Filipino people.


This is my first novel. The experience while writing was overwhelmingly fun that I laughed, cheered, giggled and felt I was half “Tetong” and half the protagonist.


A native from the Northern Philippines and graduated from St. Catherine School of Nursing and Midwifery, I currently reside in Seattle, Washington.  

During my free times, my friends usually find me in my backyard working with my roses or reading books with different genre.  One of my enjoyments is being a member of the local church choir during Christmas and holy week.


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Tetong in the Land of the Unknown